Costco Ember Mug – Hot Review for Coffee and Tea Lovers 2024

Introduction of Costco Ember Mug

As the weather gets cooler and we look forward to cozying up with our favorite hot beverages, an innovative new mug from Costco is generating some buzz. The Costco ember mug, currently being sold exclusively at Costco warehouses and on, promises to revolutionize the way we enjoy coffee, tea, and more.

This smart mug from Ember lets you choose an exact drinking temperature between 120-145°F and keeps your beverage at that temp for up to 1.5 hours on battery alone. Using the Ember app, you can customize presets for different drinks or times of day. The mug also lets you track caffeine consumption and set notifications reminding you to stay hydrated.

I decided to purchase the Costco ember mug after reading glowing online reviews praising its ability to keep drinks perfectly hot for hours. As both a coffee lover who likes leisurely sipping my morning brew and a mom who often gets distracted and forgets about a freshly poured cup of tea, I was intrigued by the possibility of a mug that would eliminate cold, wasted beverages.

Unboxing the Ember Mug

Costco Ember Mug

The Costco ember mug comes neatly packaged in an eye-catching glossy white box with the Ember logo in black and orange. Inside, nestled into a molded cardboard holder, I found the stunning 10-oz mug itself, an accompanying saucer, a quick start guide, and a charging coaster.

The mug is made of stainless steel with a classic curved ceramic handle. The aesthetic is sleek yet subtle, with no buttons or controls visible on the outside a feature I appreciate for a device that will live on my desk and kitchen table.

Also in the box is a handy quick-start guide that walks you through the simple process of charging your mug before first use, downloading the Ember app, connecting the mug to Bluetooth, and customizing your temperature presets.

Charging the Ember Mug

Costco Ember Mug

Before using my Costco ember mug for the first time, I needed to fully charge it by simply placing the mug on the included charging coaster for two hours. The coaster uses magnetic induction technology to charge the mug wirelessly when connected to a power source via the included micro USB cable.

The mug itself can hold up to a 1.5-hour charge, while the charging coaster provides unlimited power as long as it’s plugged in—perfect for all-day use at the office. The mug is also portable thanks to its rechargeable battery, letting you take it anywhere once fully juiced up.

Setting Up the Ember App

Connecting the mug to the Ember app enables you to access all of the mug’s high-tech features. Available for both iOS and Android, the app is free to download, and connecting my mug was quick and painless.

The app walked me through creating a profile, linking my mug via Bluetooth, choosing my default coffee and tea temperatures, and setting notifications. Within just a few minutes, I was up and running.

The standout feature of the app is the ability to customize presets. I created one preset for coffee at 135°F, one for green tea at 125°F, and one for evening hot chocolate at 120°F. Now I can switch between these presets with just a tap any time I change beverages during the day. No need to fiddle with the buttons on the mug itself.

Testing the Temperature Settings

Once fully charged, connected to the app, and loaded up with coffee, I was eager to test whether the Costco ember mug could maintain temperatures as promised.

After programming my coffee preset to 135°F and drinking about half the mug over 20 minutes, I was seriously impressed to find my coffee still piping hot for every sip. No cooling off or need to microwave. The mug worked exactly as advertised at holding my chosen temperature.

Over the next few days, I tested it with tea, hot apple cider, soup, and more. The mug flawlessly kept everything at the temperatures I preferred. I especially appreciated the convenience of being able to adjust temps via the app when switching between drinks rather than having to manually reprogram the mug itself.

Portability is also excellent. I took the mug on a long walk one morning after fully charging it. Over an hour later, my coffee was still perfectly hot, proving how well the Costco Ember Mug holds heat when not on the charging coaster.

Other Key Features

Costco Ember Mug

In addition to flawless temperature control, the Costco ember mug has several other useful features accessed via the app:

  • Battery indicator shows you at a glance how much of a charge remains on your mug
  • Caffeine tracker monitors your intake as you use the mug and sets max limits if desired
  • Hydration notifications can be set to gently remind you to drink enough water
  • Nighttime mode turns off notifications during sleep
  • Shareable presets allow sending your customized temps to other Ember mug owners

The app also provides helpful care and usage info for your Costco Ember Mug, including cleaning guidance and charging tips. Updates are released regularly with new improvements and fixes.

Pros and Cons of the Ember Mug

Costco Ember Mug

Here are some of the key benefits I’ve experienced along with a few downsides to consider:


  • Maintains precise customizable temperatures for hours
  • Heats evenly with no hot or cold spots
  • Sleek, attractive design looks great on any table
  • Easy to control through a smartphone app
  • Portable for on-the-go use; holds charge for up to 1.5 hours
  • Useful caffeine tracking and hydration reminders
  • Automatically turns on when liquid is added and powers down after 2 hours inactive


  • Relatively expensive, though competitive for a smart mug
  • Hand wash only
  • Works best when using the charging coaster frequently
  • The app has occasional glitches

Who Should Buy the Costco Ember Mug?

Costco Ember Mug

The Ember mug makes an excellent gift for anyone who regularly enjoys hot coffee, tea, cider, cocoa, and more. With custom presets and temperature control unmatched by any other mug on the market, it’s especially ideal for:

  • Coffee aficionados who want each sip brewed at the perfect temp
  • Busy parents who need to keep a hot drink hot despite constant interruptions
  • Office workers who like to nurse a hot beverage throughout the morning
  • Frequent travelers who want hot drinks on the go
  • Anyone who loves the coziness of curling up with a perpetually hot mug of apple cider or mulled wine

While not inexpensive, the Costco ember mug delivers outstanding performance and unique capabilities you won’t find in any other mug. For hot beverage lovers, it’s an investment that promises exceptional convenience and satisfaction.

Where to Buy the Ember Mug

Currently, Costco is the only retailer selling the Ember mug. It’s priced at $79.99 on and in most Costco warehouse stores.

Supplies may be limited due to seasonal demand, so check your local Costco or online to get this innovative temperature-regulating mug before it sells out. Costco’s generous return policy allows returns within 90 days of purchase if you find it’s not for you.

The Costco ember mug represents a major step forward in mug technology. With its precise temperature control, long-lasting battery, sleek design, and easy app integration, this smart mug takes convenience and customization to a new level. If you frequently enjoy hot beverages at home, at work, or on the go, this mug will help you sip them at just the right temperature every time.

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