The Best Deals Review on Ember Mugs Black Friday 2024

Introduction of Ember Mugs Black Friday

For coffee and tea drinkers, temperature is everything. Getting your morning brew or afternoon tea to just the right temp can feel like guesswork – until now. The revolutionary Ember Mug uses advanced technology to give you precision temperature control with the tap of a button.

With Ember Mugs Black Friday 2023 now here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about snagging the Ember Mug at a steep holiday discount. In this in-depth review, we’ll break down all the features that make this innovative mug a top gift pick this season. From its smartphone app connectivity to its sleek modern aesthetic, we’ll see why the Ember Mug is worth adding to your cart this Ember Mugs Black Friday.

Whether you’re shopping for a holiday gift or want to upgrade your own daily coffee routine, the Ember Mug delivers. Read on for the full review and tips for savings this Ember Mugs Black Friday!

Introducing the Ember Mugs Black Friday

Ember Mugs Black Friday

Launched in 2017 via a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, the Ember Mug has been making waves in the coffee tech world ever since. This smart mug allows you to digitally control the drinking temperature down to the exact degree from 120-145°F.

Using Ember’s patented temperature control technology, the mug maintains your selected temp for up to 1.5 hours. This means perfect drinking temperature from the first sip to the last drop – no more microwaving, diluting, or wasting your drink!

Beyond the innovative tech inside, the Ember Mug features a sleek and modern aesthetic. The 10oz capacity stainless steel mug is shaped like a traditional cup with a comfortable handle. A colored LED band around the rim adds a pop of personality.

The Ember Mug is available in a variety of stylish color options like black, white, gold, and copper. The latest 2nd generation model steps up the game with improved battery life and a detachable charging coaster. Let’s look at some of the key features that set this smart mug apart.

Key Features and Specs

  • Maintains selected drinking temp for 1.5 hours
  • Custom presets for coffee, tea, lattes and more
  • Set your ideal temperature from 120-145°F
  • Remotely control temps through iOSAndroid app
  • 1 hour of battery life between charges
  • 10oz capacity is ideal for coffee or tea
  • Crafted from stainless steel & hand washable
  • Charging coaster included
  • Available colors Black, White, Copper, Gold

With specs like these, it’s easy to see why the Ember Mug is a hot item year after year. Next let’s look at how the temperature control and app connectivity really sets it apart.

Advanced Temperature Control

The Ember Mug’s standout feature is without question the digitally controlled drinking temperature. Using the Ember app (available for iOS and Android), you can set your precise desired temp between 120-145°F.

The app includes suggested presets for popular beverages like coffee, tea, latte, and more. But you can also choose your own custom drinking temperature tailored to your preferences.

Once set, the Ember Mug will maintain your selected temp for up to 1.5 hours. Built-in sensors monitor your drink and adjust the heating element as needed. If left empty, the mug will enter sleep mode to save battery life.

The app also shows the mug’s battery level and allows real-time monitoring of your drink’s temperature. Get notifications when your beverage reaches your preset temperature or is getting low.

On the mug itself, a single button allows you to check battery level and power the mug on or off. When powered off, it still functions as a regular insulated travel mug.

Optimized for Coffee, Tea, and More

With a temperature range of 120-145°F, the Ember Mug is optimized for heating coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, and more.

For coffee drinkers, you can dial in the precise temp that highlights the tasting notes you want. Set it to 195°F for bold, flavorful coffee or 135°F for a smooth light roast.

The mug is also fantastic forloose leaf tea aficionados. You can select the optimal steeping and drinking temperature for green, black, herbal and other tea types. Never burn delicate white tea again!

Beverage enthusiasts will love the ability to create customized presets. Save your ideal French press coffee temp or matcha green tea temp for one touch access.

While not designed to chill drinks, the Ember Mug’s insulation will keep iced coffee or cold brew cooler for longer on hot days. All in all, it aims squarely at elevating the hot coffee and tea experience.

Sleek, Modern Design

Ember Mugs Black Friday

Beyond the advanced technology inside, the Ember Mug features an elegant and minimalist aesthetic. The classic mug shape fits comfortably in your hand while the 10oz capacity is ideal for coffee, tea, and more.

The durable stainless steel body is coated in a striking matte finish and detailed with a colored LED band matching your chosen accent color. A detachable black silicone sleeve allows for a non-slip grip.

The included charging coaster has a matching shape and color accent. Simply place the mug on the coaster to wirelessly charge between uses. A single included lithium ion battery enables the mug’s smart heating capabilities.

Other nice touches include the spill resistant flip lid for travel and dishwasher-safe parts. While the mug itself is hand wash only, attention to detail is clear throughout the entire product experience.

Ember Mug Black Friday Deals

Now that we’ve covered the key features and benefits, let’s look at the Ember Mug Black Friday best 2022 deals.

The Ember Mug normally sells for around $100 for the mug and charging coaster together. But for Ember Mugs Black Friday and Cyber Monday, discounts of 20% or more are common.

Here are some of the best places to find Ember Mug Black Friday savings this year

  • Amazon – Watch for up to 25% off select Ember Mug bundles
  • Target – Offering up to $20 off Ember Mug sets
  • Kohl’s – Take an extra 20% off with coupon code
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – Possible 25% off coupon for Ember Mugs Black Friday
  • Ember website – Check for holiday promo codes and bundle deals
  • Crate & Barrel – Last year offered $20 off all Ember products

Be sure to monitor deal sites like as they compile the latest discounts across top retailers. With the right deal, you can snag the latest Ember Mug for $80 or less this Ember Mugs Black Friday.

Sets with the mug, coaster, and travel lid tend to offer the steepest savings. Shop early for the best selection as popular colors sell out quickly.

Ember Mug Review The Verdict

Based on our hands-on testing and evaluation, here is the final verdict on the Ember Mug Black Friday


  • Total temperature control from 120-145°F
  • Maintains selected temp for 1.5 hours
  • App allows unlimited presets
  • Excellent insulation and drinkability
  • Portable for travel with flip lid
  • Modern, minimalist design


  • Expensive compared to regular mugs
  • battery life capped at 1.5 hours
  • Hand wash only
  • App connectivity requires smartphone
  • Only one size option (10oz)

Overall, the Ember Mug delivers unmatched temperature customization and consistency thanks to innovative smart technology. For coffee and tea enthusiasts, it’s a game changing upgrade.

The mobile app connectivity and sleek modern aesthetic also make it a standout gift. With Ember Mugs Black Friday discounts dropping the price under $80, it’s an awesome value for the money.

Is the Ember Mug Worth It

For serious coffee and tea drinkers seeking convenience and control, the Ember Mug easily justifies the price. The ability to dial in your optimal drinking temperature and have it stay there for up to 1.5 hours is revolutionary.

No more reheating coffee in the microwave until it tastes burnt. Or accidentally oversteeping green tea and losing all the subtle flavor notes. With the Ember Mug, your favorite drinks are always at just the right temperature for maximum enjoyment.

It also makes an impressive gift for coworkers, family or anyone who obsesses over their daily cup of joe or tea. Tech enthusiasts will appreciate the intuitive smartphone connectivity too.

More casual drinkers may not need this level of customization. And the battery could be longer to maintain temperature all day. But thanks to Ember Mugs Black Friday deals, the Ember Mug can be yours for under $80 – an awesome value.

Tips for Saving on Ember Mug this Black Friday

Ember Mugs Black Friday

To get the lowest possible Ember Mug price this Ember Mugs Black Friday, keep these tips in mind

  • Set up alerts for Ember Mug deals on sites like Black Friday. New deals pop up constantly.
  • Don’t limit yourself to Amazon. Retailers like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kohl’s often have better discounts.
  • Check Ember’s website directly for storewide promos and bundle deals.
  • Allow flexibility on mug color if possible. Popular colors sell out quickest.
  • Look for additional coupons you can stack on top of sale prices for maximum savings.
  • Shop early. The hottest deals tend to expire fast as stock sells out.
  • Consider buying refurbishedused to save even more. Ember Mugs hold up very well.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to find an amazing Ember Mug Black Friday deal.

The Perfect Gift for Coffee & Tea Lovers

With holiday discounts making it more affordable than ever, the Ember Mug makes for an amazing gift this season.

For under $80 on sale, you can give the coffee or tea obsessed person in your life the power to create their perfect temperature customized brew every time. The Ember Mug takes the guesswork out of heating any hot beverage exactly right.

Know someone who starts every day with a pour over or aeropress ritual They’ll appreciate the mug’s precise control. Have a coworker who can’t stop raving about the new local tea shop It’s the gift they didn’t know they needed.

Even if you opt to keep it for yourself, the Ember Mug brings convenience and consistency to your daily coffee or tea habit. Take advantage of Ember Mugs Black Friday savings to give one as a gift or upgrade your own routine.

Ember Mug Black Friday Final Verdict

Thanks to smart app connectivity and advanced temperature control, the Ember Mug delivers unbeatable convenience and customization for hot beverage lovers. No matter your preferred brewing method, you can heat coffee, tea, or anything else to your ideal temp every time.

This Ember Mugs Black Friday provides the perfect opportunity to get the Ember Mug at over 20% off. With the lowest prices of the year now here, you can give one as a gift or upgrade your own kitchen for under $80.

So take advantage of the exclusive Ember Mug Black Friday savings this year. This innovative mug is sure to sell out fast during the holidays, so lock in the best deal while you can. Your perfect cup of coffee awaits!

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